Safco 4997 Closed Base for 4996 & 4986 Steel Flat File
April 11, 2020
Safco 4062 38″D Steel Roll File, 36 Tube
April 11, 2020

Safco 4060 38″D Steel Roll File, 16 Tube

Overview for the Safco 4060 38″D Steel Roll File
The Safco 4060 38″D Steel Roll File is a tan document storage unit featuring 16 file storage tubes and is built from an anti-rocking heavy steel construction. The square fiberboard tubes are case-hardened with aluminum molding. Each storage tube is dust-resistant and features reversible doors and label grids.


Safco 4060 38″D Steel Roll File Features
Engineering storage
16 compartment storage file Document storage
Anti-rocking heavy steel construction
Square fiberboard tubes case-hardened with aluminum molding
Each has dust-resistant and reversible doors that feature label grids
Tropic sand finish